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Steve FitzGerald is an Ohio-based writing coach, international award-winning ghostwriter and Nonprofit Newswire® editor. Since 2010, he has helped members of the Island Writers Club (IslandWritersClub.com) "escape the rat race, identify their writing strengths and focus on their goals."

He also coaches individual writers privately.

FitzGerald is past-president of the Society of Professional Journalists, Cleveland; and the Association of Railway Communicators, Washington D.C.; and founded the Friday the 13th Poets. He has taught and presented at the Allied Media Conference, The Lit, Western Reserve Writers Conference, and several colleges and universities.

Steve is accepting clients again.

"Hi, this is Steve FitzGerald. If you need help with your book or other writing project, email me. Tell me two things: What you're writing (or want to write) and what's holding you back. I'll reply - usually within 48 hours - to learn more and to answer any questions you may have. To see how I've helped other writers and authors, click the 'Writers Say' tab above. Perhaps I can help you reach your writing goals, too. Let's find out."

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SPJ Ohio 2015 Winners Announced
March 19, 2015 Steve FitzGerald

Click the following links to view or download the category and best of show winners in the 2015 “Ohio’s Best Journalism” competition.

College Winners

Online Winners

Print, Large Winners

Print, Small Winners

Radio Winners

Television Winners

Trade Winners

Best of Show – Online

Best of Show – Print, Large

Best of Show – Print, Small

Best of Show – Radio

Best of Show – Television

Best of Show – Trade


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